Kenny Conley is the primary voice behind He was called to kidmin at the age of 14 and he has literally spent more than half of his life preparing for, pursuing and fulfilling his call to ministry within the local church. Kenny passionately writes about what he’s done, what he’s working on and what he hopes to do. Although you’ll find a bit of theoretical ideas and dreams here, the bulk of what he writes is the result of blood, sweat and tears that comes from decades of serving in the local church. Kenny is passionate about sharing what he has learned and experienced with others, helping those who are new in ministry and collaborating with seasoned pros, whenever the opportunity arises.

Over the years, Kenny Conley has written extensively on ministry through magazine articles, collaborative book projects. Additionally Kenny travels throughout the country coaching, consulting and speaking at various conferences, camps and training events. In 2011, Kenny launched the Illuminate Conference (now Live to Serve), in order to expand his speaking opportunities (that was a joke). Illuminate was the brain child of him and his church ministry staff as an effort to provide high quality ministry training for volunteers that was both affordable and local (obviously depending on where you live). Illuminate trained and equipped nearly 3000 staff, leaders and volunteers in 9 separate events from 2011-2013.

Kenny is the NextGen Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, TX, where he oversees all ministry from birth through high school. He loves his church and the people he gets to work with from day to day. Between his full time gig and all this extra stuff, he is slightly overwhelmed by his good fortune.

When he’s not trying to change the world, he simply enjoys coming come to his beautiful wife of 16 years, Sara and his incredible children, Titus (8), Genevieve (4) and Elle (0). Kenny and his family enjoy traveling, eating and exploring overlooked destinations and treasures. In addition to all of this, Kenny loves to read, swim, ski (both ways, but going down the mountain is his favorite), hike, watch movies and float down the Comal River on a hot Monday mornings in July. He loves Tex-Mex, Root Beer and will stop for Bojangles Chicken no matter the time of day or night. Although he wasn’t born in Texas, you’d think he was by the way he feels about the Lone Star State.

Random Kenny Conley trivia

  • Kenny was actually born in England in the late 70’s, which is why he can no longer give blood (something about Mad Cow Disease). He is not a dual citizen (he loves the US that much).
  • Kenny’s drink of choice (when available) is club soda with lime (bubbly water). However, he loves to splurge on a delicious Root Beer when the occasion is right.
  • Three places Kenny wants to visit before he dies include Antarctica, the summit of Kilimanjaro and Advanced Base Camp of Mount Everest.
  • Although born in England and raised a southerner, Kenny hates tea. Hot, cold or sweet – he’d rather kiss a lama that drink tea.