graffiti-tag-my-name-graffiti-letters-large2Yesterday I asked some questions about how ministries dismiss their kids on the weekends. I got a lot of great comments. Yes, I was fishing for some specific answers that I was seeking and I got some, but not all. Let me follow up with a few other questions and if you do what I’m asking, I’d love to hear your answers as I’m fishing more intentionally with these questions.

Many churches use label name tag stickers, either self created or computer generated from check-in software. A lot of you who do use these name tags collect them at the doors as kids leave, peeling them off and keeping them. One commenter yesterday told why her church peels them off and keeps them. For those of you who do, why? What’s your reason for doing it? For those of you who let the kids walk out with their name tags, is there a specific reason why you don’t bother to take them back?

Again, thanks for your willingness to respond. I’m just thinking through this arrangement as I’m sure hearing your reasons will help me as I hope your comments will help others as well!