You know that what you do is important, right? You’ve probably felt that way, but it’s actually true. Studies show that few things in the local church fuel church growth more than a healthy children’s ministry. In nearly every case, churches that prioritize their children’s ministry see a return on their investment many times over. I know what you’re probably thinking, “how do I get my Pastor to believe that?”

Maybe this will help. Last week Vanderbloemen published a podcast on exactly this topic. On the podcast was Dale Hudson, Children’s Pastor at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach, FL. I’ve known Dale for years and have come to know him as an incredible leader in his church and a significant influence in the church at large. He may not advertise this, but Dale was very much involved in innovating how Churches created irresistible environments through intentional theming. Dale leads over 70 staff and more than 2,500 volunteers to impact tens of thousands of kids in South Florida. He would say that his church has discovered that prioritizing kids has been significant to their growth.

Check out the podcast below. Share it with your pastor. Regardless of the outcome, fight for the kids in your church and community, they are worth it!

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