IMG_0038In truth, there are only one or two things I don’t like about our portables.

  1. They’re outside. When you have a nice building that’s all finished out, it’s just great to all be under one roof. With the portables being outside, it’s like having a section of your ministry that’s completely disconnected. We do have phones out there, but it’s just not as natural to visit those classrooms like it is with our other classrooms. Also when it’s cold or when it rains, the portables are kind of a bummer. Since it rarely rains and is only cold for a few weeks, it’s really not that big of a deal.
  2. The crushed granite pathway. Actually I have a love/hate relationship with the path. I love it because it really looks nice. It feels more natural and seems to fit with Austin and our church. However, I’m sometimes irritated with this pathway. Weeds like to grow through the path at certain spots (it’s not over run by any means, but at times a pesky weed will poke through) and when it does rain, it gets tracked into our portables (although, it doesn’t really rain that often).

Other than my two little complains, I love what we’ve done with these portable buildings. The stairs, ramps and walkways are beautiful. Too often I’ve seen churches that just add a janky and rickety set of metal/wood steps up to the doorway. Because we painted the portables different colors, it’s really easy to describe which building to go to. I don’t know that anyone loves the thought of portables, but if you’ve got to have them, I totally recommend doing them like we did. We call the area “The Backyard” and don’t describe them as portables, but additional environments outside the main building. I then usually like to say they’re some of my favorite environments because of the interiors, but that’s in the next post.