IMG_0027 I’ve written all of this to be a resource for those who are either in portable buildings or are heading in that direction. Mostly, I want to encourage you that moving to portables doesn’t have to suck. I highly encourage you to pass these pictures and content to your pastors or decision makers. We spent a little extra money than we had to, but be got a much bigger bang for our buck. There’s no way getting around it, portables are less than ideal. However, you don’t want parents or kids to feel like they’re getting a second-class experience. I highly encourage you to make a few minor upgrades and make your portable space a place where both kids and volunteers want to spend their Sundays.

Here’s where we got the stuff for the insides:

  • 12 inch plastic chairs for preschool kids: $18.99 from ECMD
  • 12′ x 18′ carpets for story time and worship: $371.98 from Bizchair (these are durable and high quality carpet. You can get cheaper carpets elsewhere, but you’ll be replacing them much sooner.
  • 30″ x 72″ Plastic folding tables” $150.34 from ECMD (These are very lightweight which makes them fantastic for a mobile campus)