No, this isn’t reverse psychology. Last week I announced that the March Madness for Kidmin Blogs had started. Last year I took 3rd place. Let me tell you, it took a lot of work to just get 3rd place. I was shaking a lot of hands and kissing a lot of babies.

As this year came around, I started thinking about what may strategy would be this year. How would I attempt to win? I know enough people and have enough influence to pull off a victory, right? Worse case scenario, I could walk door to door in my neighborhood to canvas for votes. Hmmmm, not how I want to spend my time. So, last week I decided on my 2011 strategy, my strategy not to win. That’s right, my strategy is not to win.

This competition is a lot of fun. More than 60 Kids Pastors duking it out until there is only one left. In the end, everyone wins. A lot of great exposure goes to the bloggers involved. However, let’s call it what it is. It’s a competition based on how many votes you can go out there and get. It’s not about how long you’ve been in kidmin, how many people read your blog or how well connected you are (although that obviously helps). It literally comes down to how many people you can get to click on the box by your name. Trust me, I asked everyone I knew on Facebook to vote for me last year. I even made it a requirement for our volunteers at Gateway (Application, Background Check, Interview, References and voting for me in March). Okay, kidding about that. So, this contest is about influence. Period.

However, this contest is “every man (or woman) for himself (herself).” Everyone is exercising the influence they have to get votes. However, I want to propose that there is something even better than influence. Unity. When people come together around a cause and leverage their influence to see it happen… well… that’s just magnificient.

So, last week I began leveraging the influence that I had to send votes to my friend Jared Massey, author of the blog: Small Town Kidmin. He’s an amazing guy. I have incredible respect for those who lead kidmin as a bi-vocational pastor or even as a volunteer. A little over a year ago, Jarred sought me out for some advice, questions and as a result, he even launched a blog where he has begun encouraging others volunteer and bi-vocational kids pastors. He’s on a mission and he knows that he has a message to share. I love his heart and I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving to win this contest.

We all enjoy a Cinderella story, someone who comes from the back of the pack and wins it all. Let’s see it happen with Small Town Kidmin. I want nothing more than to see Jarred Massey walking the halls of his church with iPad in hand, proud of what happened here. Going into a contest like this, most people could reasonably guess who is likely to win. I propose an upset. It will be a Kidmin March Madness we won’t soon forget. So, I’m asking you do do three things.

  1. Click here to vote for Small Town Kidmin in the Southwest Regional bracket.
  2. Leverage your influence. Shoot a quick email to friends, family and even volunteers to vote for Jarred. Remember, it’s leverage and influence.
  3. Tweet, facebook, blog and utilize every bit of social media real estate you own to get Jarred to the top.

Are you in? Can I count on you? Dont vote for me, vote for Small Town Kidmin here!