It was a great week. No, it was a phenomenal week. Things got busy, so I didn’t have the time to post every day. This week I’ll probably get in 4-5 posts with information about camp, what we did and how it all went down. In addition, I’m going to review the curriculum we used, Take it In and Live it Out if you’re considering it for camp or some other event.

So, this was my first real camp experience with these kids. When I got to Gateway two years ago, about 15 kids were signed up to go to a summer camp. There hadn’t been a lot of promotion and since we were financially committed to this camp, I ate about $5,000 in expenses and ended up scholarshiping 20-25 kids. It was a fun camp, but a little weird. It felt like we were at camp with the Von Trapp family. Everyone liked to sing a lot, and everyone knew all the songs… except our kids. It was like a musical… we’d be walking down a trail and then people would just start singing. Again, it was fun… just a little weird. We didn’t do camp last year, so this year we took 58 kids (two got sick) to Camp Zephyr in Sandia, TX.

For all of the kids, it was probably the most fun thing they’ll do all summer. For most of the kids, it was life changing. Seriously. Already we’re getting feedback from parents about how moved their kids have been. Parents have been overwhelmed by what their kids are talking about. Many of the kids made first time commitments to Jesus. What a catalytic event in the life of a child. I’ll leave you with what some of our parents are saying on our facebook page.