Day 1 of Kids Camp went exceptionally well. It was a bit of a busy day for me. Actually, the end of a very buys few weeks. Yesterday morning we processed almost 100 kids and got them on the bus and headed to camp, but at the very same time, I was getting 91 Middle School and High School kids off to their own separate camp. I was bummed that both camps are at the same time, but I’m glad to finally get to Kids Camp where I could focus on just one camp, not two.

I’ve written this before, but we’re using Chase the Light camp curriculum by the folks at Orange. I must say, this is some good stuff. I totally recommend it if you need to do your own camp, VBS or summer program of sorts.

I spoke twice, once before dinner and once after. In the following days, I’ll speak in the morning and evening.

The first talk introduced the idea of what a misfit is. Generally speaking, we tend to think of a character like Fregly or Steve Urkle. However, what a misfit is always depends on ones perspective. I challenged the kids to think that maybe God is calling them to be set apart and be different… maybe even become a misfit.

In the evening talk we learned how the Wise Men were misfits. If you put yourself in their context, it seems a little absurd that they did what they did. They followed a star on a dangerous journey to give treasures to a king they didn’t really know for sure would be at the end of the journey. Others may have considered them misfits by taking such a journey. However, we know them as “Wise” men. Just as they followed and chased a star, Jesus claimed “I am the light of the world, anyone who follows me will never walk in darkness.” Jesus challenged us to follow him, to chase the light.

So, that’s day one. I’ll give you an update tomorrow about day 2. Enjoy the video of what our kids are experiencing.