Okay, I’m about 4 days late publishing this post. Camp is already over, but you know how it is at camp. I was busy. I’m still at camp, but the Gateway kids are long gone. Day two was incredible. The kids began to gel can truly connect with each other and their leaders.. plus they had a blast, even in the 104 degree summer heat. Wow!

So, on day two of our Chase the Light camp series, the kids learned about the disciples and they misfits that they were. One starts to wonder about the choices Jesus was making in his selection of followers. Fishermen, quarreling brothers, a tax collector (slime ball), a man who would deny Christ and a man who would betray him. Doesn’t sound like my idea of a dream team. However, we know that Jesus was successful. We know that he must have known what he was doing. Looking back in history, we see that the disciples, this rag-tag group of misfits totally did it. Within a few days of Christ’s return to heaven, Peter led 3,000 people to faith in Christ from one sermon. By the end of the 1st century there were more than 10,000 believers. A couple of hundred years later, more than 15 million. These disciples did the job that Jesus had chosen them for.

We learned that this should give us great hope because we’re not really that different from the disciples. When we read about them messing up, it’s not too much different from how I mess up at times. Maybe, just maybe, if I was around when Jesus was picking his disciples, maybe he would have picked a misfit like me. That’s amazing to think about.

That’s the message these kids heard in the morning, but I’ll save my next post for what the kids got in the evening of day two. One word… POWERFUL!