Today, ministry to kids goes by a lot of different names. Some just call it Sunday School. Others call it Kids Church. Many call it Children’s Ministry. A new breed of leaders are calling it kidmin (inspired by the twitter hashtag). I think the difference of names depends on your age (years you’ve been around church) and what type of programs your church has for kids. I grew up in a church where most of the children’s ministry consisted of 50-200 kids sitting in a church-like environment. You know, kinda like a “kids” church. 25 years ago, this was a little different as most churches had their kids in Small Sunday School classes (these are the churches that just called the ministry to kids “Sunday School”. Today, we find many more churches who have adopted the “kids church” model. Although most have created large group/small group components, an age-appropriate corporate environment is what has become most common. has nearly 1500 separate articles/posts about all things kidmin; however, I know that many visitors are looking for resources specific to Kids Church. If that’s you, I’ve made it easier to search for all things related to Kids Church. Click the button below to see every post related to Kids Church.