Wendy Kopp is the CEO and founder of Teach for America. Teach for America is described like a Peace Corps for education. The best and brightest college graduates are recruited to give two years to teach in a failing school.

Wendy describes how even in America, where you are born does determine your educational prospects.

  • 13 million kids are living under the poverty level
  • Of these, the average 4th grader is at the 1st grade level
  • 1/2 will not graduate from High School
  • Those that do graduate will be a an 8th grade level

Teach for America alumni actually say that the situation is worse than the stats above.

Wendy told stories of teachers who came in and saw children at many years below where they should be. They came in with a sense of urgency and turned their classrooms around and got kids to their expected level within two year.

What is my sense of urgency?

Most of the public feels that the problem lies with:

  • lack of student motivation
  • lack of parent involvement
  • home life situations

However, the truth is that the problems are (suggestions given by Teach for America alumni):

  • Teacher quality
  • Principle quality
  • Student expectancy