Bill began by talking about the power of decision in the hands of a leader. He talked specifically about how leaders truly should make decisions within a framework. The framework he used as an example is below:

  1. Does the Bible say anything about this?
  2. What would smart advisers advise me to do?
  3. PG&E (Pain of past decisions, Gain of past decisions, Experience of past decisions)
  4. Is the Spirit prompting me?

Within in this framework we make our decisions. When decisions go well, thank everyone possible. When a decision goes bad, own the responsibility.

Hybels then explained that all of this was the foundation of what he really wanted to talk about. Rather than filter every decision through this process and framework, you can create axioms that help process situations that warrant decisions.

At the end of the Civil War Lincoln stated, “To vanquish my enemy, I make him my friend.”

The president of Motorola said, “Create motion or motion’s sake.”

Colin Powell had many:

  • Promote a clash of ideas
  • Check your ego at the door
  • Reward you best performers/get rid of your non-performers

The best axioms are the one that you create out of your own leadership experiences.

Are you leading and functioning based on your own leadership axioms?