I use the ABCs of becoming a Christ Follower when leading kids to Christ. It’s easy and it clearly explains the important aspects of becoming a Christ Follower.

So, the first part is to Admit. Admit that we are a sinner.

I usually have to define admit and sometimes even clearly explain what a sinner or sin is. We usually decide that admit means to say that you did something. Close enough. So to admit that I’m a sinner means that I say that I’ve done wrong. I’m coming clean, letting everyone know that I’m not perfect. It’s an essential first step. If wrong has been committed yet no one has admitted to it, there is a breakdown in the relationship. If a wrong has been done, forgiveness cannot be received until someone first admits they are in need of forgiveness. Christ has already given us the free gift of forgiveness, but we can’t receive it until we admit that we have sinned and we need the forgiveness.

This usually a pretty easy step. Just about every kid recognizes that they’ve sinned. It’s fun to go around the room and point out all the people who have sinned (we end up pointing at everyone).

Here’s why this is so important. Being a Christ Follower is about having a relationship with Jesus. As in any relationship, things can get in the way. For instance, if I wrong a friend or disobey a parent I’ve put something in the way of our relationship. In order to clear the relationship and make things right, I have to addres the issue. I need to admit to what I did, or apologize for what happened. Once I’ve done that, the other party can choose to forgive me and at this point the relationship is restored. It is clean and open. This is how it is with our relationship with Jesus. Until we admit that we’ve done something wrong (i.e. Sin), we can’t truly receive the forgiveness that he’s offered us. This is a barrier keeping us from having a relationship with God. So, the first step into coming into a relationship with God is to admit that we’ve sinned so that we can receive forgiveness.

That’s A of the ABCs. Tomorrow I’ll hit B.