case_for_christ_for_kidsLast year while visiting North Point, I spent a lot of money in bookstore! One resource I picked up was a series by Lee Strobel for kids linked to his “A Case for Christ/Creator/Faith” books. I picked up the following books:

I’m half-way done reading through “A Case for a Creator”. It would only take an adult 20-30 minutes to read through the whole thing. Each book is only eight chapters long and would make for a great small group study for older elementary kids. I’m looking to launch a prototype small group study for older elementary kids and I might use this as a resource. If I do, I’ll probably write some supplemental curriculum to guide the time we’re meeting together and the kids will have to read the chapters on their own each week. I’ve got a few hurdles to overcome, but I think it might be a good study.

I’m a big believer that kids need some theology/apologetics in addition to Bible stories and virtues. Sometimes this can all be done together, sometimes not. So, we’ll see what happens. Once I move forward on this, I’ll post an update and share any resources I might develop. Regardless, I figured you might be interested in checking out this resource.