I hit a milestone this summer.  I sent my youngest kid to Student Camp.  No biggie, right?!? For me, this particular milestone marks the end of an era.

All of my OWN kids are out of kid ministry!

It happened in a blink! We know that their little lives are made up of one phase and then the next.  We celebrate them and we move on hoping to be ever so aware of our today without worrying about tomorrow.  Just a few weeks ago, I worked the camp registration table for the Student Team and I watched my youngest drop off his luggage at the bus, come through the doors, get his hand marked with an “x” and independently make his way to the worship center to join 250 of his new friends.

I stopped. Maybe cried a little, and then I thought….

I Am So Thankful:  My family has received this ministry! I don’t just oversee kidmin at my church. I am IN this ministry. Countless volunteers have poured years and years of energy and influence into my daughter and two sons. I can’t even begin to count the number of people that I know who are continually praying for my kids. Our oldest graduated from high school a few months ago (another milestone) and my inbox was full of well wishes and congratulations. I am very thankful for all of these sweet people that have loved my kids so well.

I Am So Honored: My family and I have attended our church for 14 years. Our kids have grown up in these walls and are moving on one at a time.  I know it is very unique and special to be at the same church for such a long time. When I look at the men and women I have had the opportunity to serve with, I am humbled and honored to share this ministry legacy with them.

I Am Looking Forward: This year is a big year. We have a freshman in college, a senior in high school, and a sixth grader. I am very much looking forward to all the fun days ahead! I am also even more determined to have the best kid ministry program I can. As ministry leaders, we all know the importance of the foundational principles taught in the early years. We all agree that nurturing, positive relationship with other like minded adults is critical to the development of all of our kids. So I am looking forward to all the great things that we are looking to accomplish in our ministry.

I knew this day would come. Taking a minute today to see myself as a parent in my ministry was very eye opening. It made me feel proud of all the wonderful things our ministry has accomplished.  And it made me feel determined to continue pressing on.  So many things to plan and develop and realign and discuss and yet, all I can really do is say, thank you.

Thank you to all the people who serve other people’s kids.  And that is you, dear reader.  You may not have directly influenced my own kids.  But you have kids in your ministry – SO MANY of them!!!

So be thankful, always honor, and keep looking forward!!