I recently came across a super easy way to share files with people across the web. There are many file sharing programs, but this one seemed to be the easiest by far. It’s called Let’s Crate. To begin sharing, you don’t even need an account. Even if you have an account, you can share without logging in. You can literally drag a file to the crate and it will give you a shortened URL that is good for 30 minutes. We’ve all had times where we were trying to get a file to someone that was slightly too big for email and this is a great way to get them the file quickly.

If you create a free account (just by submitting a username and password), you get up to 6 “crates” where you can store files up to 50MB big with a total storage limit of 200MB. It’s a perfect solution for that quick and easy online storgage and sharing problem.

If you find the service helpful, you can pay $10 a month and get 20GB of strogage with no file size restrictions. Check it out!