Recently I read a fascinating article from the New York Times called, “No Time to Think,” by Kate Murphy. I love it because it addresses something things that I believe I have very wrong thinking about. I’m a very busy person who is constantly looking for ways to hack my schedule to be more productive. Getting more done at all costs. I read while on the treadmill because it’s one of the few things I can multitask. I get audio books to listen to while doing big yard projects. When running outside, I listen to podcasts and I try to schedule phone calls and appointments during commute times. Yes, I’m one sick puppy.

It’s interesting though how some things in life are counter-intuitive. According to this article and some others that I have read, an unfocused mind, one that is given time to wander and process without a million digital and personal distractions is a mind that is often better able to solve problems, discover innovative solutions and be more creative. Slowing down and being somewhat idle seems to to be the opposite of focused and productive, but making time for this is better.

This is something I don’t need to be convinced of. I don’t really like the hurried version of myself. I’m busier than I’ve ever been and I’m often not happy with the net results. I feel like I’ve manufactured many things that are good, but few things that were amazing.

One of the main elements of this article is that we’re conditioned ourselves to be so busy and always consuming media that we’re actually uncomfortable with being left alone to our thoughts. It’s unpleasant to us and we’d do anything to get online, talk to someone or consume information. Yes, we’re all sick puppies.

Check out the article and see how slowing down might make a difference for you.