I remember buying my first DVD player. Actually, it just stopped working a few months ago – RIP. I was so excited to get the DVD player for a few reasons. One, was because my VCR didn’t like me very much and developed a nasty habit of eating VHS tapes. Second, I was so excited to watch all the special features content. It made the movie experience like 10 times better. In the early days, we’d often watch the movie and then watch it again listening to the commentary. It changed the way we watched movies to a certain degree.

The smart folks over at the ReThink group are doing the same thing for the Orange Conference. They’re adding special features. It’s called “The Making of Orange.” So, for those of you going to the Orange Conference, you’ll get all kinds of great extra content to enhance your experience. BTW, if you haven’t registered yet, click on the badge to the right to take care of that important detail. If for some reason you just can’t attend Orange this year, you can get part of the Orange experience through this great site.

So, what kind of special features can you expect?

  • Streaming of the opening session of Orange
  • Interviews of Orange speakers from backstage during the conference
  • Possible other Orange Conference content (TBD though… details to come)
  • Live webcasts from Reggie leading up to the conference
  • Updates of what’s being planned for the conference and requests for input
  • Pictures and videos from Orange Conference  planning sessions and more

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the making of something big? With www.makingofornage.com you can.