Good morning from beautiful Atlanta, GA. If you’ve been following this blog for any number of years, you’ll know that the last week of April always takes me to the Orange Conference. It literally has to be the busiest week of my year. I’m up early every morning and in bed late. I’ll spend most of the week speaking, hosting, connecting and learning.

Years ago, I would simply post my notes from each breakout and main session I attended. Eventually I realized that this wasn’t all that helpful. Without context, a page full of notes isn’t very engaging. Instead, I typically let what I’ve learned/experienced at Orange soak in for a week and then I write a series of blog posts.

You’ll see “Live from Orange” posts every day this week and for the following weeks, look for thoughtful posts based on concepts learned this week.

If you’re going to be at Orange, I’d love to meet you. Message me on twitter @kennyconley as it’s the easiest way to communicate at Orange!