Kent Shaffer from over at Chruch Relevance posted this a few weeks ago. The post interacts with some data from a new book called, “Already Gone.” The data shows how children’s ministry and Sunday School is and has been failing. Kent asked some good questions about how these trends might be changed. However, Kent said one thing in a comment that I’ve been thinking about for the last several days.

Bottom line is most children’s ministries are aiming at bringing kids to Christ and discipling them. If they are significantly failing at producing long term disciples, I see nothing wrong in identifying that failure and exploring how to improve the results.

Long term disciples. I started thinking about long term strategy. Do I really have one? Where I’m at we’ve begun talking about doing more to equip parents which is part of it, but have we really developed a long-term strategy. Most CP’s I know feel good when the have their calendar planned out a year in advance.

What do you think? What “long term” strategies do you have in place?