I’ve been at Gateway now for over 5 years and we’ve made a lot of progress. I’ve had some incredible staff over the years, but I’m actually at a moment where I have two very key positions open. Over the years I’ve patiently built a team from the ground up and I can’t tell you how stoked I am about finalizing my dream team with these two positions. Once these positions are filled, we’re going to see some amazing things happen.

So, what are these positions I’m hiring? Thanks for asking. The positions are:

  • Early Childhood Ninja
  • Elementary Ninja

Yes, I could have said Elementary Director or Early Childhood Director, but lots of people can call themselves a director. A ninja though is a master at his or her craft. They’re abilities go beyond those of others. They’re the best of the best… and that’s who I’m looking for. These full-time positions offer a competitive salary package worth relocating across the country for. What makes these positions most attractive is that they’re part of a killer NextGen team at Gateway Church in Austin, TX. Let me break down that awesomeness:

  • Killer NextGen Team: Seriously, some amazing people to work with that do ministry as a team… both kids and students
  • Gateway Church: An amazing church that is reaching the post-modern, post-Christian community of Austin like very few churches are able to do
  • Austin, TX: One of the coolest cities in the country… no joke. From the food, music and fun, there are few places on earth like Austin, TX

So, who is the ideal candidate:

  • Ninjas of course
  • Someone who has great experience (see minimum requirements) but hasn’t led at the size/level that would be required of serving at Gateway
  • Someone who has led at a very high capacity (children’s pastor at large church) but they want to be able to focus down to one area they’re passionate about

Click here for more information about these amazing roles (elementary director and early childhood director)