Mac_miniSeveral months ago several of you helped me make a personal tech decision.

Essentially, I couldn’t decide whether to just go with the web-enabled BluRay player or spring for the Mac Mini for the full featured media center experience. I really wrestled over this one as I just didn’t know if I wanted to spend all the money on the Mac Mini, although it’s what the majority of my commenter were saying.

Well, after my birthday ended and I got all the money together that was given to me over Christmas and my birthday, I found a Mac Mini on Criagslist. It was a great deal and I was actually able to get a blue tooth keyboard and mouse from the guy who owned the Mini. From day one I’ve been so happy without any regrets. Even better, my wife fell in love with Netflix streaming on the TV. We have a seemingly endless supply of Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train and Dora through Netflix streaming. For that reason, my two year old loves it.

So, if you’re considering getting a Mac Mini as a media center, DO IT! You won’t regret it.