Maybe it’s just me. I’m not talking to everyone out there, but just the Mac users who are using Firefox. Firefox in my opinion is the best web browser out there (pushing innovation in web browsing to a new level and the add-on features make certain sites and certain tasks come to life). However, Firefox has done this buggy thing for me ever since I moved to the Mac. When filling out an online form (usually entering my address) I begin typing in the first field and when done typing the information I “tab” to the next field. No need to mouse over and click when I can type, tab, type, tab, type. However, whenever I would get to a pull-down tab, like the state, the tab button just skipped over this field. Frustrating. Several months ago I heard in passing that there was a fix for this and yesterday I finally was frustrated enough to fix it myself. I spent a few minutes looking for the fix and had things working a few minutes later.

Picture 3

Essentially you go to system preferences and to keyboard and mouse. Once they’re click on the top tab “Keyboard Shortcuts.”At the very bottom of the window you will see “Full keyboard access:” The default selection seems to be “Text boxes and lists only.” Instead, select “All controls.”

That’s it. Now you can tab to every filed. When I tab to the state pull-down I just hit the “t” key twice to pull up Texas (I’m jealous that those of you from Tennessee only have to hit “t” once, but I figure it’s becasue Texas is twice as awesome).

The site where I found this fix is here. Hope this helps you if you’ve been frustrated with this Firefox bug.