I’m a HUGE fan of the regional conference. Whenever possible, I go to the big national conference. They inspire me and challenge me to think bigger than I currently do. They help me take a step back and see the forest from the trees. Whenever possible, I encourage ministry leaders to get away and grow in this way. Few things will do more for your ministry than for the leader to expand his/her vision and to connect with other like-minded people.

However, little will have a greater impact on momentum and synchronized focus than mass participation at a regional conference/event. This is the reason I created the Illuminate conference several years ago and would have nearly 100 of our volunteers learn from some of the most influential voices in ministry. You voice is critical, but sometimes the voice of others can carry more weight and when many of your leaders can hear something significant all at the same time, there’s momentum that you just can’t get enough of.

This is why I’m so excited about the Orange Tour this year. Last year I had about 50 of my key leaders and small group leaders attend. In the past, I’d take a crew of 20+ to Dallas, but now that we’re a host here in Austin, I’m leveraging the Tour to advance initiatives within our ministry.

If you’ve never attended an Orange Tour or have only come on your own, I’d really challenge you to attend a location and bring some people with you. This is an easy event to bring your senior pastor or executive team to and let them catch the vision for ministry to families. It’s inexpensive and the impact it will have on your team is huge. I’d wager to bet that it could be the most effective dollars spent on your volunteers this year.

Today only, the Orange Tour is on sale. Pick up some tickets today, $40 off the regular price.