Last month Orange asked me to write an e-single (something between an article and e-book) on reprioritizing for groups at your church. I was excited for the opportunity because reprioritizing for groups has been my story for the past 5-6 years. It’s not been an easy transition, but we’re really seeing the payoff for hundreds of kids every year as we’ve put caring adults in the lives of every kid who comes to church. Here, you can watch the short video about the e-single here:

Trust me, I understand the hesitation. When I started in Children’s Ministry, small groups weren’t really a thing. Yeah, we called that Sunday School and for whatever reason, it wasn’t really working. The hour we had with most of our kids was a fully programed time that we could pull off with 3-5 volunteers (yes, there might have been a time or two when there were only two of us). It was hard placing new volunteers in elementary because the only role we really had was “crowd control” and what adult looks forward to coming to church for a volunteer position where the primary responsibilities consist of bathroom breaks and crowd control. Back in the day, I had it easy and I was personally impacting dozens of kids.

Today is a new day. We operate under a new paradigm. I oversee a ministry to more kids than ever before, yet there’s only a handful of kids who know me like the kids knew me at previous churches (primarily staff kids and kids of core leaders). However, I know for sure that far more kids are seeing life change not because of my amazing gifts and abilities but because I stepped out of the spotlight and gave the attention to dozens and dozens of small group leaders.

Making Small Groups the priority has changed everything – and that’s what the e-single is about.

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