I recently watched the youtube viral video “Test Drive” embedded below. Thanks Sam Luce for sharing.

Really fun video. Everyone loves a good prank and this is a great one. Why does it currently have 39 million views? Because people enjoyed it and shared it. People gathered around someone’s desk at work and watched it together. It’s got all the elements of a perfect viral video.

However, this video is very different than most videos that go viral. This video was made for one intended purpose… to get people to drink Pepsi Max. It’s a commercial.

I think there’s something to learn here. In our role as children’s pastors, student pastors, directors and leaders… we’re constantly making “asks” of other people. We’re making “asks” of volunteers, “asks” of parents, “asks” of our church and “asks” of senior leadership. A significant portion of our work shares many similarities of those who spend millions of dollars on television commercial campaigns.

What makes a great commercial?

Humor? Emotional connection? Shocking moments? Brevity? Specific imagery? All these and more, depending on the product and the pitch.

Knowing what makes a commercial great should have some impact on how we make asks of those in our sphere of influence, right? Are we leveraging the way people will connect to the situation emotionally? Is there a way to incorporate humor? Is there imagery that amplifies our need? Can we create an unforgettable moment that will impact readers/listeners long after reading/hearing our ask? Consider what extra steps you might need to take to make your “ask” larger than life!