We’re doing a series right now with the elementary kids called Oops. It’s a fun series on forgiveness. The idea behind this series was to really live up the “Oops” part of it by making a mess every week. This week we had kids digging for gummy worms through 5 gallons of chocolate pudding (all in a baby pool) with their faces. It was great fun.

Personal critique: The kids who participated really enjoyed this, but becasue it was fairly separated from the rest of the kids (being on stage), it wasn’t that fun for them. Also, it took too long. We’ll rethink another activity for next week that involves more kids and is almost as much fun to watch as to participate.

At the end of the service we did a review game where kids answered questions about what they learned. For incorrect answers we dumped contents of buckets on the kid who answered the question and for correct answers we dumped the buckets on the crowd. We dumped gum drops, marshmallows, Easter grass (it was too cheap to pass up), tortillas (I couldn’t resist. Miguel, the children’s pastor at our Denton campus was using the same supplies and he’s of Mexican descent. This was a shout-out to my man Miggy!) and a variety of other things.

Our facilities team was really nervous about the 5 gallons of chocolate pudding, but they should have been more concerned about the marshmallows, those suckers grind right into the carpet like you wouldn’t believe. After the first service I pulled the buckets of marshmallows and gum drops but at the last minute added the marshmallows back (I decided it was worth the risk, what kid doesn’t love being pelted with hundreds of mini-marshmallows?) . I just hope I’m not in trouble tomorrow. (;