A co-worker shared the following video with me. It’s a TED talk. If you’re not familiar with TED, it’s worth looking into.  Not only are the talks interesting, the’re big ideas that could change your way of life.

In this talk, Peter Reinhart talks about the process of making bread. Maybe it’s just me, but I felt it was a fascinating talk. I’m not a baker, but I do like to eat, so it appealed to me. However, Peter who is also a teacher and theologian understands the art of communication and during the talk about bread opened the door to think and process spiritual concepts. What a great talk.

It challenges me. As a Christian communicator, were expected to communicate spiritual truths. To some degree, a Christian communicator can be lazy in this expectation. What was remarkable about Peter was that he talked about bread in such a way that it caused me to think about spiritual matters. I’m not just talking about well-played illustrations or polished segues, but presenting concepts in such a way that I remember the talk long after I heard it. Few communicators are able to pull this off and all of us should strive to do the same in one way or another. Memorable and engaging content that lingers with us long after the talk is done. Enjoy the video.