The last 4-5 weeks have been slow on this blog and there is a reason. A six pound nine ounce reason name Helen Abigail (or baby Elle as we like to call her).

In this season, the Conley family is so happy, grateful and tired. Last year Sara and I spent quite a bit of time discussing the topic of kids. Are we done? Do we want one more? It’s been a difficult conversation over the years as we’ve faced both overwhelming joy with the birth of Titus and Genevieve as well as excruciating pain with the loss of several kids we’ll never meet on this side of heaven. After hours and hours of conversations and several intense sessions with a counselor, we got very close to making a decision… and then we got pregnant. Obviously, God has a sense of humor.

Although we have been enjoying the freedom of two potty-trained kids and restful nights of sleep (we even taught the kids to fend for themselves on Saturday mornings so that we could sleep in), we’re excited to be starting over once again.

Having kids has certainly made me better in so many ways. I’m a better husband for sure. I’m far more patient and I’ve learned that I really never understood busy until I had a couple of kids. I’m completely convinced that I’m better at what I do for the church because of my kids. I see things I hadn’t seen before because I could see how it impacted a mom of three kids on a cold Sunday morning or a dad who’s feeling completely overwhelmed with little ones.

Thanks for your patience here on the blog, looking forward to many new things here at in 2016!