Pikes_Peak_summit_to_NE_1On Friday I posted about the mountain I’m preparing to climb. Fifteen years ago I trained for about 3-4 weeks in preparation. I was running 1-3 miles a day and about 20-30 flights of stairs 4-5 days a week. Fifteen years have passed and I’m in worse shape and about 30-40 pounds heavier. I’m not really nervous, I’m just aware of the fact that this isn’t going to be easy. Sara, who’s going to climb with me is also very concerned about the challenge.

Almost a year ago Sara and I vacationed in Banff, Canada. On our first day there, we hiked to the top of Big Beehive Dome overlooking Lake Louise. It was a 3 mile hike ascending almost 2000 vertical feet. That little hike kicked our butts. We hadn’t done anything to prepare, but we barely made it.

The hike to the top of Pikes Peak is four times what we did last year in Banff. Four times the distance and four times the vertical climb. This is the reason for our concern and preparation. We’re working hard to prepare so that we can finish the hike. Sara and I are on treadmills for 45-60 minutes, four to five days a week keeping our heart rate above 70% of max to prepare for the high altitude hiking. The running and stair machines are preparing our legs for the 6-8 hours of climbing.

So, this is what I’ve been thinking. When’s the last time I set a goal in my ministry that almost kicked my tail trying to achieve it? Most of us set goals every year and usually my goals represent concerted growth, I don’t know that I’ve really “stretched” myself in a way that I have been to summit Pikes Peak. What about you? It’s almost time to start thinking about goals for 2010. I’m thinking about a Pikes Peak sized goal or two.