When planning for our portables, we had to plan out our foot traffic. These buildings are almost behind our main kid’s building, so a clear path needed to be built. In addition, we had to create suitable entrances to the portable buildings and the rooms within. If we can expect 100-120 kids in these rooms, we had to create space or drop-off and pick-up lines. To solve these issues (as well as conforming to ADA standards) a beautiful deck was built to link the portables together and provide wheelchair access. We also intend to put in a door between the two rooms in each portable. This way parents can all walk into one portable door, go through the door that connects the two rooms and out the other portable door to exit. They can do this at both-drop off and pick-up which should keep the traffic moving.

We also built a crushed limestone path from the main courtyard (beside the Kids Quest building) right up to the portable buildings. I figured we would have done a cement pathway, but the crushed limestone is very nice. It looks very natural and fitting here at our Austin church. Check it out.