Yesterday I wrote about t-shirts and the process you should probably follow in selecting, designing and ordering shirts for your ministry. Often times, your best bet is to find a local screen printer who you can work with. This way you can personally inspect the work before the job is done. However, not everyone has access to a quality screen printer. Not all screen printers are equal. Screen printers that do quirky and creative things are hard to find. Let me share with you a few vendors I know and respect.

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IPGI is an excellent screen printer. They actually do everything from screen printing, embroidery and promotional products. I used them many times when I worked in Fort Worth. Finished shirts had to be shipped in from Oklahoma, but the shirts were always very high quality and the price was often hard to beat. I’d say that if you’re looking for a high quality shirt (nothing fancy like over-sized prints or printing over seams), you can’t go wrong with IPGI. They’re fast and dependable.

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Kendra from North Point sent me to Future Shirts. When visiting NP last year, I noticed the volunteer shirts had a cool “holister” applique look and Kendra told me that Future Shirts are the ones who produced them. You’re going to pay a little more for future shirts, but if your design is good, you’ll be impressed with what you can do. Future Shirts produces merchendise for many big name bands and they do just about everything. If you want a totally trendy shirt, the Future Shirts is the shop for you. The only downside is that they have a three week minimum turn-around time. You’re not going to get any last minute orders in with these guys.

customLogoA Children’s Pastor friend from Tennessee passed this one on to me and I think they’re my new favorite. On their about page it says this: Anyone can print you a tee. But it takes a special skill to create one that people wear to places other than the gym. YES! It looks like Amb3r does just about everything that Future Shirts does, but they just seem more user friendly. Just hang out on the site and you’ll feel like you got an education in options you can use on a shirt. The prices actually seem pretty good for the stuff they can do. Best of all, you can purchase design packages where they’ll actually design your shirt for you. From the looks of it, they do some great stuff!