Ministry Hacks with Kenny Conley

Ministry Hacks is a 6-week course designed to help ministry leaders leverage 21st-century tools and resources to:

  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Improve the quality of the ministry you offer

Ministry is hard. It’s complicated. There will always be more to do than you have time to do them. There will always be something new to start, something that needs improvement. This is a real-life tension that leads MANY to burnout.

The old adage “Work smarter, not harder” has always been true for me. I’ve always looked for tools, resources, tips, and tricks that helped me get more done with less effort. I’ve always sought out methods or opportunities that helped me improve the quality of what I knew how to do. My tool chest of ministry hacks helps me to work smarter every day.

What is the Ministry Hacks Course?

Ministry Hacks with Kenny Conley includes:

  • A weekly 60-minute live video teaching/demonstration (I won’t just tell you what tools I use, I’ll show you how I use them)
  • A private Facebook group for regular interaction and Q & A
  • One 30-minute 1 on 1 coaching call with Kenny
  • Access to a treasure trove of additional ideas/hacks not specifically covered in the course (everyone has a hack or two they’re willing to share)

Who is Ministry Hacks for?

This group course is for anyone who serves in a vocational ministry role. I’m a Family Ministry Pastor and I’m constantly leveraging tools and resources to use in my specific lane of ministry, but the majority of these hacks apply to practically ANY role.

Whether you’re a digital native or someone who is working extra hard to just keep up with the digital age, Ministry Hacks with Kenny Conley is going to add a ton of value to what you do.

Who is Ministry Hacks not for?

The list of who doesn’t fit in this Ministry Hacks group is fairly small. Even if you’re a digital guru with expansive technological and productivity knowledge, I’m fairly sure you’re going to pick up a bevy of new ideas and resources you can quickly add to your tool chest. Let’s be clear though, Ministry Hacks is going to assume that you have some digital tools/resources knowledge and experience. If you still use a flip phone and avoid computers whenever necessary, Ministry Hacks probably isn’t for you.

Hacks that Really Help

This six-week course is designed and organized to truly help.

  • Weekly modules organized in categories such as communication, design, volunteers, general ministry, administration/productivity, and more.
  • Every hack is demonstrated. You’ll see how to incorporate every hack into your ministry and how I specifically use each ministry hack.
  • Each video is recorded and available to watch again and again
  • Weekly summary cheat sheet listing the hacks covered and basic descriptions (so you don’t have to watch the whole video just to find a single hack)

When Does This Course Take Place

The Ministry Hacks with Kenny Conley course begins on July 19 and concludes on August 23. Ministry Hacks is a live video course and is scheduled from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (EST) every Thursday.

Does the day/time not work for you? No worries, you can consume/interact with the content whenever you want. Videos will post the day they are recorded and a weekly conversation will happen in the private Facebook group.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of Ministry Hacks with Kenny Conley is $75/person. That’s about $12.50 per week over the duration of the course. The group is first-come, first-served, and there are limited spots. Be sure to reserve your spot before registration closes!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Register?
Registration is open (Wednesday) June 27 and closes (Monday) July 16. The first video session begins on (Thursday) July 19.
What if I Miss a Week?
No worries, friend. Every week’s video session is recorded and posted the day it was recorded. You’ll have access to the content as soon as it’s published and you will have the opportunity to ask questions through the private Facebook group.
Is this just for Children's Ministry?
Nope. Ministry Hacks is not ministry specific. Most hacks can be applied to any ministry (or business for that matter). Most tools discussed in Ministry Hacks are non-ministry specific resources that are leveraged for ministry purposes. It’s fun, you’ll see!
Is this PC or Mac Based?
Great question. Neither. Just about every hack I share is web-based or offer PC and Mac applications. I personally use a Mac, but most of these hacks work anywhere you have access to the internet. For the few hacks that only offer Mac applications, I try to offer a proven PC equivalent.
What about iOS or Android?
Same as above. Most of my hacks are web-based or offer iOS and Android apps. I use an iPhone and for the few apps that are iOS only, I’ll try to offer a great solution for Android.