Does Your Ministry Need a Makeover?

Sometimes we have to start over. What we have isn’t working. We have to go back to the drawing board and create something entirely new. Unfortunately, we rarely get to start from scratch. We already have a ministry filled with people. Kids who attend every week and volunteers who have been serving for years. Starting over may not be possible. Charting a path from what currently exists to what needs to exist is the only option. It’s possible that your ministry needs a makeover.

In November 2017, I inherited a large elementary ministry. It was a weird situation. The K-3rd grade environment had a decent small group program and a lousy large group program. Our 456 Preteen environment had a good large group program and a lousy small group program. Overall, the elementary experience was okay. Not really that great and nowhere near excellent. This ministry needed a makeover.

Nine months later, you’d barely recognize this elementary ministry. The K-3rd grade environment has amazing small groups and a fun and energetic large group program. Our 456 Preteen environment has an incredible large group experience with some of the best small group leaders I’ve ever seen. Our large group volunteer team quadrupled in size and we moved from 50% of our small group leaders serving just about every week to every small group leader serving every week. Almost every small group leader is being led by amazing volunteer coaches who are highly invested in their volunteers and this ministry.

This elementary ministry may be the healthiest ministry I’ve ever led. I’m only 3 months away from the one year mark of this ministry makeover. I’d like to share exactly how we did it. The Ministry Makeover resource will include everything we did to turn this ministry around. Emails, training notes, recruitment strategies, and structural changes are all included. You’ll see exactly how we did it. This isn’t a “theoretical” resource. It’s as practical as it gets.

This resource is in development. To put your name on the list and to be notified of its release, include your name and email below. We’ll share some pieces of this resource in the weeks to come to everyone who put their name on the list.