If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ve noticed that I’m fairly passionate about missions. What you may not know about me is that if I didn’t go into kids ministry 15 years ago, there is not doubt that I would be working among unreached people’s today. About 15 years ago I was at a crossroads. For years, I felt a strong call toward working with kids and I was actively pursuing that call. However, after working for a missions organization for a year before starting college and recognizing the overwhelming need in international missions, specifically to the unreached parts of the world, I surrendered my call to kids to God. I told him that if he could use my gifts to reach the unreached, then I was willing. God confirmed my call toward kids ministry, but he put a passion for missions in me that has shaped me ever since. From that time I’ve been experimenting on how to better incorporate kids in missions and missions in kids ministry.

If you get K Magazine, you’ll see that I got to write a little article about taking kids on mission trips. It’s called “Kids on Mission: Where personal transformation intersects the world’s greatest need.” It’s worth the read… I promise. I had a lot of fun writing it.

So, I thought that I’d take some time this week to write a little about my passion for missions and how it affects what we do in kids ministry. This site is always about equipping with strategy and ideas and I truly believe that we have a responsibility to sow seeds of God’s work around the world into the hearts of the kids we lead and teach.

Can I leave you with a little challenge though? Would you please read these posts and at least think about the content a little? I can always tell what content I write hits the mark and is engaging by the number of page views and comments a post gets. The posts I write about missions rarely ever gets any comments and significantly fewer page views. I don’t want you to read it to make me happy or leave a content just because I feel the information is worthy of discussion… I just want more people to care. I think its ironic actually. Usually it’s kids pastors who complain that they don’t get enough funding, lime light, attention and resources in the local church. We feel that what we’re doing is so important and urgent and if only people would give us a moment to hear us state our case, we can show them. In reality, missions to the worlds most unreached is the ugly stepchild of the church and would gladly change places with children’s ministry as far as attention and resourcing goes any day of the week.

Ha. I hope that didn’t sound manipulative. Thanks for taking the time to read. 🙂