Okay a few more silly things from camp today:

  • I’ve made a new friend. The Colton kid I talked about earlier… his name is actually Collin. He’s my new buddy. Tonight we had an extra long “fun hour” talent show. Colton was sitting right beside me and noticed I had a pimple on my arm… yeah, I’m sure you wanted to know this. As any kid would, Colton looks at me and asks, “what’s that?” I tell him it’s a pimple. He looks at me with a funny face and then pulls my sleeve up a little more to inspect for more pimples. He begins counting freckles, blemishes or whatever else he can find on that arm and then to the next. He talked a good bit about my arm muscles and asked how I got them (really, I haven’t lifted any weights since high school). He then starts picking through my hair. He asks why I use gel. He then finds a mole (not like the ugly protruding type, but the skin spot type) under my hair (which isn’t easy right now as my hair hasn’t been cut in 7 weeks). He then spends the next 15 minutes (honestly) picking through my hair looking for more moles or birthmarks. On one or two occasions, he asks if I have lice (scary). Other counselors walk by giving me funny looks. I shrug and say, “he’s counting my moles.” Yeah, I think Collin and I are going too be good friends for a very long time.
  • IMG_3329 [50%]Oh, my bed. This is what you get when you get to camp late. I got the last bed. Yes, the kid who sleeps above me (my buddy Collin) is only 4 feet tall. I; however, must squeeze into a tiny compartment to sleep every night. I look like Shrek trying to fit in this thing.