In case you didn’t know, this website has a section dedicated to resources. Last year I launched it by gathering people’s check-in registration cards. I got close to a dozen and it seems a lot of people found it helpful. I know one children’s pastor (one who’s not fond of puppets) who found it so helpful he redesigned his card based on some of the ideas he saw. One of the reasons I launched the page was becasue I was in the process of coming up with a new design for Gateway. I took inspiration from several of the examples sent in.

Just because there are several up there now doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more. If you’ve got a unique or interesting registration card, send me a copy ( and I’ll place it on the resource page.

In addition to registration cards, I’d like to expand my resource page. Actually, there are quite a few resource sub pages I have in mind. So I’m launching an additional resource page today dedicated to policy manuals and volunteer handbooks. Click here to check it out. Right now it only has mine. It took me a year to revise our handbook (it still has a few additions/modifications to go). I revised our handbook based on our old one, one that I used in the past and several other sources that I got from friends. However, I’d love to see what you’re using and post it on this page.

Submissions: Feel free to submit your whole manual or just specific pages. I’ll arrange them on this site in a way that’s helpful and organized. For instance, I’d love to specifically see emergency policies and procedures (that’s on thing I’m reworking right now on ours). If you just want to just send your section on policies and procedures, you can. Perhaps you have policies just for childcare workers or your Parent’s Day Out program. Send them to me and I’ll put them up. If you’ve got them all in one file, just send me that and I’ll post it too. If you can save your book to a PDF, that would be easiest. However, send me what you’ve got, I can probably convert it.