image1We celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday with a screening of the short film “Most.”

For the past several weeks our Pastor has been teaching about who Jesus is from a very cerebral perspective (it’s been and amazing series). This week; however; the message about who Christ was touched the heart in a deeply profound way. Although John spoke for a few minutes after the film, nothing needed to be said. Everyone in the room could identify with this film and you couldn’t help but be moved.

The best part of all of this? It’s not a cheesy Christian flick. It was an Oscar nominated short film made earlier this decade. The directors are believers seeking to use their art to tell stories worth being told. Although this is not a “Christian” movie, Christ shines through more powerfully than you could imagine.

You need to see this film and share it with others! These directors need to be supported as we need more films like this one. Go here to find out more about Most and order a DVD for yourself. Seriously, you’ll not regret spending $10 on a DVD for yourself. Actually, I’d recommend spending $20 and get two, one for you and one to give away. If you’ve appreciated advice or information on this blog in the past, just trust me and order the DVD…  it won’t disappoint!