snugglebunnyOkay, I’m spilling the beans before you hear this from somewhere else. A few people learned of my secret (and personal) alias today and I’m sure someone’s going to say somethings. So, if you want people to know what it’s really about, you better tell it yourself. Know what I mean.

Today I met online with 3 or 4 other new friends to record a Children’s Ministry podcast. We were using Skype to host the conference call. I was already logged on to the call with everyone else, but my good friend Sam hadn’t joined yet. I told the other guys that I’d give him a call to see where he was at. I called Sam as he was trying to get in. Then he asked, “hey, what’s your user name and I’ll just connect with you.” I pause for a second. “Okay, my user name is mrsnugglebunny.”


Then Sam cracks up. “Seriously?”

Later in the recording of the podcast, my user name comes up again where I try to explain my user name. In case you do listen to this podcast or hear Sam reference Mr. Snugglebunny, you’ll know what it’s about.

My wife and I’ve been married for close to 10 years. Early in our marriage (first year), my wife coined the phrase, “snugglebunny.” No, I wasn’t her snugglebunny, but snugglebunny was the act of cuddling. She’d ask if we could snugglebunny. Get it? Okay. One day a long time friend, Joel, overheard Sara say something about snugglebunny. From that day on, he’s been calling me Snugglebunny. Seriously.

Well, Joel and I would get together at times (before he left the US to be a missionary) and play video games and for fun I’d use the username, snugglebunny. It was just our little joke. That’s where this all came from.

Well, about 3 years ago I did a series in Kids Church called “Names of God.” It’s where I taught about God’s character expressed through his many names. I opened each series by telling the kids how all of us have multiple names, each unique in meaning to the audience or the situation. To my mom, I was son. To my son, I was daddy. To the kids I pastored, I was Mr. Kenny and to my wife… I was snugglebunny. The kids ate it up! I told them that I was still their pastor, so it must be MR. Snugglebunny. So, at that campus, every time I walked in it was, “Hey Mr. Snugglebunny or Hey Pastor Snugglebunny!” Serioulsy, I just got a friend request on Facebook from a 7th grader who was a 4th or 5th grader when I did this series. In the friend request was a note “Hey Mr. Snugglebunny.”

So, abouta year ago, I created a skype account so I could better connect with my missionary friend in Burkina Faso. Since it was his little joke for me, my screen name was mrsnugglebunny. See, it’s not really that creepy. It’s cute. Right?