Five years ago I was in the process of interviewing for my current job at Gateway. To better know what I was getting into, I picked up John Burke’s (senior pastor) book, No Perfect People Allowed. I was stunned. It was one of the best books I’ve read on practical ministry in a culture where people are far from God… which is pretty much everywhere. After reading the book, all I could think was, “Really, can I work at a church like Gateway?”

John-Burke-Mud-and-the-Masterpiece-coverToday, John’s new book releases, “Mud and the Masterpiece.” All I can say is WOW, he did it again. This one though is targeted right at our hearts. Why do we so often exhibit “Pharisee-like” behavior and how can we align our thoughts and attitudes to be more like that of Jesus. The book is a study of all of Jesus’ encounters with people. Incredible!

A Barna Study was conducted along with the writing of this book and the study reveals that only 14% of Christ followers actually exhibit the attitudes and actions of Jesus. Most of us align more with the Pharisees. Perhaps this book will spark something in us and those we lead to make a CHANGE!

So, although this book isn’t specifically practical church ministry or children’s ministry specific, I do believe that if our leaders and volunteers take to hear the truths from this book, transformation within your ministry and church is inevitable.

So, here’s the deal… it’s a great deal.

If you buy the book this week (February 1-8th), you’ll get $45 worth of resources.

  • The audio book (actually, only if you buy it today… February 1st)
  • The Action Guide (How this can be more than just a book, but a tool to put into action every day)
  • A Small Group Guide
  • The 1211 Band new Worship Album (Live CD)

Just go to for details. Don’t delay… pick this up today! You can even download a sample chapter.