Studies show that you’re more likely to serve at a multisite church than a megachurch. An incredible new study came out recently about the state of multi-site churches. As of right now there are more multisite churches than megachurches (churches with more than 2000 attendees) and the number of multisite churches are growing faster than the numbers of megachurches.

What used to be really edgy and unorthodox is becoming much more mainstream.

Over the years I’ve written a lot about multi-site children’s ministry. A lot of other people have also written about multi-site ministry. I’m just thinking that if the average Children’s Pastor’s tenure is 2 years or less (sad, isn’t it?), then at some point in your career, chances are good you’re going to end up in a multisite situation. 🙂

Do your research now. Start with this great study. Follow it up with the book, Multisite Revolution. Then read this blog or others to shape your understanding of a multisite Children’s Ministry.