I’ve got 18 books on my 2010 reading list. I really love to read, but I’m just not a fast reader. So, this list of 18 books is a fairly audacious list for me. My friend Gina will read this many books in a weekend. She prefers the term “voracious” becasue that describes her approach to reading books and because she likes words like voracious. So here’s what I’m looking at.

Leadership: These are just a few books on leadership that I’ve been wanting to read for years.

Communication: These books deal both with interpersonal communication as well as crafting communication in a message.

Educational Strategy: When I finished my masters degree, I bought several books from an education point of view. It’s time to start reading these books I purchased a few years ago.

Ministry/Personal Leadership: I bought these books  almost a year ago and haven’t gotten to them yet. I will this year though as I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

Business/Tactics: I acquired both of these books this year as they’ve been talked about so much by people I respect.

Family Ministry: As I continue to create a path for parents to become the spiritual leaders in their homes, I know I need to continue to absorb information about tools they can be equipped with and strategies to get it done.