Okay, I found one. Four actually. On Friday night I actually found a 42 inch 1080P LCD for under $600. It was at Best Buy, so I decided to go out the next morning (Saturday) and try to pick up at least four, one for each room in our new portable buildings.

Here is the TV.

After things slowed down, I pulled one out and plugged a DVD player into it to check it out. Unfortunately, the jury is still out. I put in the Chronicles of Narnia, a movie that should look really good on this TV. It looked fine, nothing amazing. However, I know my DVD displays at 480 or whatever resolution that is. Tomorrow I’m going to pick up a HDMI cable and plug in my up-converting DVD player to see what it looks like. My dad has a really amazing, top-of the line 1080P and the picture is incredible. I remember popping in a DVD and thinking, “this looks like crap.” Compared to all the HD I’d been watching on that TV, the DVD didn’t look so hot. So, we’ll see what it looks like tomorrow. Otherwise I’m happy. Again, my top goal was to find a 42 inch under $600. With what we’re trying to show, I think the quality is going to be just fine.