I’m writing my 4th of July post on the 7th of July. Because I’m a little sneaky, I’m going to post date it for July 4th… because that’s where it belongs. I had a much deserved “lazy” weekend where I didn’t do much more than read, surf the web and some house chores. It was great. I love these kinds of holidays. The only think that would have made it better would be if the 4th had been on Thursday and I would have gotten an even longer weekend since I already get Friday’s off.

I really appreciated this post here by Mark Batterson. I think it’s too easy to forget what the 4th is all about when we add in all the cookouts, swimming pools and fireworks. Many of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence signed their death sentence. Others were met with tremendous loss. It was a course of action that could have been avoided, but these men had principles and stood up for what was right, noble and just. As proud of them as I am, this action they took scares me as well. Two hundred years later, we are reaping the benefits of their sacrifice, yet there are so many things about America that are not right, noble or just. It scares me to think of what it would take to truly see change. I don’t think that change alone rests in our vote this November. Sorry Obama. Sorry McCain. Call me a pessimist, but I’m not that confident that legislation is going to change it either. I vote. I’ll continue to vote… I believe it’s my responsibility. It’s they way we honor those who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Current situation aside, here is my heartfelt thanks to those who made this sacrifice for me. I’m living out my faith in freedom. I’m sharing my faith with others. I’ve had the freedom to be who I want to me and do what I want to do. What a great place we live, thanks to some incredible men and women who sacrificed their lives and fortunes for my freedom. You are not forgotten!

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