Lately, the children’s ministry here at Gateway has been doing really well. January is usually the busiest month of the year and we saw record numbers among the kids, averaging in the mid 700’s. We also held a two week volunteer expo where we recruited an additional 100 volunteers. Currently I have 10-15 new small group leaders for elementary in the pipeline. Although the overall attendance hasn’t changed much from this year to last year, we’re running about 12% more kids in our elementary program. Good stuff is happening.

However, I’ve been living at a very, very unhealthy pace. With connecting new volunteers, undertaking some new projects and gearing up to bring on a new elementary director, I’ve been working some pretty heavy loads. Last week my wife was sick, so I would work/take care of Titus during the day and then work all evening after he went to bed. This week alone, I went to bed past 3:00 AM two of the four nights. The other two nights were past midnight. I haven’t taken a full day off since New Year’s Day.

I told my boss about my pace this week. I told my running partner group yesterday. Today I’m telling the entire interweb. I say I’ve got a few more days of this, a busy weekend. Then I’ve gotta stop. I love what I’m doing, but I can’t keep up this pace. I’m going to get sick. My wife isn’t going to like who I’m becoming and I’ll be missing out on life with my little boy.

So, feel free to check up on me. If I’m still doing this impossible schedule later next week, feel free to drive down to Austin and kick my butt.