Okay, from the day I started this blog, I thought I’d open it up to writers other than myself. I thought that it would make this blog more well rounded and fun. My intern from this past summer will be guest blogging at some time, he’s already promised to write about his experience in Burkina Faso over Thanksgiving.

However, I’m honored to have a very special guest blogger today. I have amazing respect for this person as we’ve been very close friends for over a decade now. I can honestly say that this person’s influence has significantly influenced my career and I’m way better at what I do because of this person. Who is this special blogger?

Sara Conley, my wife. Yes, that’s right. In an hour a posting from my wife will publish on this site. You may be thinking, “Why on earth would you let your wife write on this blog, other than the fact that it’s cute or fun?” Well, there’s something you need to know about my wife. Although she has many passions and many accomplishments, she’s also the best volunteer recruiter I’ve ever known. No joke. Ever sit down in front of the phone with a list of cold “recruiting” calls? Yeah, shoot me now. My wife, she eats it up. Big time. I’m telling you, there is a lot we can all learn from her. So, enjoy her first post on Children’s Minsitry Online.

Oh, and she also has her own blog. It’s about food, travel and family from the perspeciteve of a sothern wanderer.