Just so you know, I felt like a dork typing in that title. Whatever. So it’s Thursday and it’s been forever since I’ve blogged. I’ve had a lot of distractions, namely the Nashville Illuminate Conference. Let me just say, I love my Nashville peeps. The event was hands down amazing! The best yet. Everyone from my incredible hosts at Long Hollow to all the people who attended were so wonderful. Although Illuminate was created to be a blessing to those who serve in kidmin, I’m pretty sure that I left the event that day more blessed than anyone else.

Now that my 2011-2012 events are wrapped up, I’m working on launching Illuminate Online and working out dates for 2012-2013. Exciting stuff for sure and I’m already dreaming up huge things for next year! Woo hoo!

Below are some of my favorite tweets from last Saturday:

Ryan_Millard1Feb 18, 9:01am via Buffer
pumped to be at the #illumin8 conference!! here we GO!! going to be a great day!

robynbcollinsFeb 18, 9:21am via instagram
@longhollow #illumin8instagr.am/p/HJt4kYNBCl/

gina_mcclainFeb 18, 9:26am via HootSuite
At opening session of #illumin8 listening to @kennyconley pour into some of our @faithpromise volunteers.

josephreedFeb 18, 9:36am via Twitter for iPhone
We are having a blast already at #illumin8. @pointofmercy #KidsPoint#fb

RachelTaylor872Feb 18, 9:56am via txt
God created the home before He created the church. #illumin8

adambayneFeb 18, 9:56am via TweetDeck
The best thing a #kidmin leader can do for his ministry is to have a relationship with Jesus.#illumin8

jamiehamptonFeb 18, 10:04am via ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
“The heart can only grasp what the rear end can endure” @jimwideman on#timemanagement #illumin8 #kidmin

michaelchanleyFeb 18, 10:34am via HootSuite
RT @suzannecrowell: The only way I know how to move an elephant is with a chainsaw @jimwideman #illumin8 #kidmin // Epic!

rogerfieldsFeb 18, 11:31am via Twitter for iPhone
Listening to @jonathancliff at #illumin8 He is killing it! Great stuff! #kidmin #cmconnect

craiggyergyoFeb 18, 1:04pm via Twitter for Mac
Having an awesome discussion over lunch with @HCmemphis volunteers at #illumin8

thejoshwootenFeb 18, 2:10pm via web

“people don’t buy in to what you do, they buy into why you do it” @kennyconley #illumin8#kidmin preach
cherylp90Feb 18, 1:37pm via Twitter for iPhone
@kennyconley #illumin8 is awesome!

Ryan_Millard1Feb 18, 2:24pm via HootSuite
#illumin8 has been fantastic.. Ready for a great last main session!

cherylp90Feb 18, 2:40pm via Twitter for iPhone
@jonathancliff Some of my team sat in on your morning session and told me it was fabulous! Thanks for pumping them up! #illumin8

jamiehamptonFeb 18, 3:27pm via HootSuite
“People need to be needed more than you need the help.” #illumin8 #kidmin

craiggyergyoFeb 18, 4:25pm via Twitter for Mac
Incredible day at #illumin8 with @kennyconley@jimwideman @jonathancliff + others! Well done!

ucacheer2213Feb 18, 6:27pm via Twitter for iPhone
I can’t get over how amazing #illumin8 was!#kidmin @GodWhy

jen_funderburkeFeb 18, 7:37pm via HootSuite
So Proud of @kennyconley for an awesome#illumin8 grateful for all he does for the kingdom and grateful to call him my friend.#kidmin

jenkinsphotoFeb 19, 1:34pm via web
I learned so much at #illumin8 Kid’s Ministry Conference yesterday. Excited to put some ideas to work!
TdiddysampleyFeb 19, 7:45pm via Twitter for iPhone
#illumin8 The conference was amazing my Kidmin team has some great ideas! Thanks for serving the church body!

adambayneFeb 20, 8:39am via TweetDeckOk! It’s a Monday and I’m so stoked for this week. Tons of great ideas from #illumin8 that I’m ready to share with my team. Love #kidmin