Last week I wrote a post entitled two truths and a lie. It was fun to see what you guys thought was the lie. Well, here goes. Since each of them have a bit of a story behind them, I’ll tell that too. I’m sure you’re not going to let me get way with not telling you about the cobra or the staple.

Okay, truth number 1: When I was 17 years old I was on a mission trip in India. I was there for two months. After the first month, the 7 or 8 of us that were there for the full summer took a quick little vacation to Madras (no longer called Madras I think). One day while there, we rented mopeds. It was near the end of the day and I was bringing the moped back into town. We had just finished watching a Cobra and mongoose fight and it was starting to get dark. As I was driving down the road, I saw a squiggly line in the road. I got a little nervous as to what it might be. As I got closer, my fear was confirmed, it was a snake. Since I had a girl riding on the back of my bike, I was afraid to run over it… I just didn’t want to get that close to a potentially deadly snake. So I swerved. By swerving, I wrecked the bike and we tumbled off right toward the snake. As I got my bearings, I found the snake. It was a few feet away from me. It’s head popped up and the signature hood flared out… yes it was a cobra. I had been told earlier that if bitten by a cobra, fatality within minutes is almost certain. Just at that moment, a friend pulled up to help us (he didn’t know “why” we wrecked). Unknowingly he pulled up right next to the cobra and the snake began climbing up the wheel of his bike and up the handle bars. We shouted at him to get off the bike just in time. Several locals who observed this whole thing came to the rescue. They grabbed the snake from behind the head, killed it and set it on fire. I was a little shocked and a little bloodied from wrecking only wearing sandals, shorts and a tank top. But, I was alive. I have a really gross story about later that night that involved my wound, bedbugs and a shower, but I’ll save that for when we meet in person. 🙂

Truth number 2: A few years later I was in college. I went to a Christian college and no drinking was involved, I promise. It was late at night and a bunch of guys were in the dorm just joking around. Then I thought of something funny to liven the mood even more. I had seen someone do something really fun with a staple gun. You know how when you pull the trigger on a staple gun, it makes the loud pop even if it is not loaded. I watched these guys take pieces of paper and “fake staple” them to their foreheads. They took paper, put a staple in it and put some sticky tape on the back. They would stick the paper (sticky side to their head) and staple (with no staple in the gun) it to their head. With the staple sound, it was really funny. I ran to my dorm room, grabbed an index card, a stapler (I didn’t have a staple gun) and some tape. I did this little trick for my friends and they thought it was pretty funny. They wanted me to do it for another friend who was in his room studying. However, they also noticed that it wasn’t very believable as after I “stapled” the card to my head, there wasn’t a staple ” in” the card. So, before I did my stunt for my other friend, I ran back to my room, loaded the stapler and put a staple in the card so at least it would look like I had stapled it to my head. I quickly ran to my friends room and said, “Hey, I gotta show you something.” I then proceeded to “staple” the card to my forehead (mind you, I wasn’t gentle either since it was a trick.) It didn’t take me very long to notice the error in my plan. When I put the staple in the card, I had forgotten to take the staples out of the stapler. Yup, I put an actual staple in my head. It didn’t really hurt that bad and the ends didn’t close in on itself, so I didn’t have to work to hard to remove it. I did have two little marks on my head for the next few days. My pride was hurt more than my head.

My Lie: This past December I was at Disney. The shuttle was set to take off while we were there. We found a good place to sit and wait. But it never happened. There was an issue, so it didn’t take off.

Well,that’s it. Thanks everyone for playing!