Probably over a month ago I created a new page on my blog and posted pictures of Gateway’s South Campus. It needs a SERIOUS overhaul. I went in about 6 weeks ago, took picures, uploaded them to this page and had some people (people doing the portable thing right now) give me suggestions. Some people sent me pictures, so I included them as well. You can check out this page right here!

I have a limited amount of money to spend right now, so I’m tackeling this thing one room at a time.

I’m actually going to take this page down and turn it into a blog post. As I spend the money, order furniture and equipment I plan to put that information on the blog here… so it fit better as a series of posts instead of a static page. However, I’ll replace the page with new page titled “Kids Environments” where I will link to posts of interest.

Yeah I’m in the middle of installing portables and remodeling a portable campus at the same time. Fun stuff!