Screen shot 2010-02-25 at 10.05.16 PMOkay, Matt McKee is my “sign guy,” but only when I see a bad sign for him to blog about. When I need a sign, I call Cory Richmond. Last week when I was in Nashville hanging out with Jim Wideman and for about 90 minutes a few of us hung out with Cory to see what he had to offer. First off, Cory is Jim Wideman’s son-in-law. Secondly, Cory is Yancy’s husband. But more importantly, Cory’s a print media guru… he really knows his stuff! For the 90 minutes we had with Cory, he spent time looking at graphics, logos and t-shirt designs our churches were working on. He also showed us some of the designs he’s done for current clients, which includes Bro. Jim’s church and stuff for Yancy.

Need a logo? Need T-shirts? Need banners? Stands for your banners? Need advice on signage? Need see-through window coverings? Cory’s your guy. He can actually do more than you think you know. I was amazed at all the options he offers.

Here’s the special deal though. Corey offers a print club that’s a really good deal. I like his work and the service he offers, but his print club makes using Cory a no-brainer.

Club Level One
Pay $50 a month and get:

  • Banners at $3 per square foot (You can’t get banners that cheap, I promise you that)

Club Level Two
Pay $100 a month and get:

  • Banners at $3 per square foot
  • Two 2.5′ x 6′ banners a month
  • Free shipping

Club Level Three
Pay $200 a month and get:

  • Banners at $3 per square foot
  • Two 2.5′ x 6′ banners a month
  • Two 2.5′ x 6′ banner stands (not every month, just once)
  • One 4′ x 8′ banner a month
  • Free shipping

Each level is fantastic depending on what you need. If you’re launching a multi-site campus and need a lot of portable signage, joining the print club might save you a lot of cash? Maybe you have some banners you need to switch out every month or two to keep things fresh, look at joining the print club. These are high quality – full color banners, you won’t be disappointed. It’s unlikely that you’ll match Cory’s quality, level and service and price. Plus, Cory understands ministry needs, so he’s going to think the same way you do.

So, check out Cory’s business, Momentum Media. For more information about his print club, click here.